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The Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory hosts frequent workshops, classes and presentations aimed at birders and environmental professionals. When practical, HBBO makes online versions of these presentations available here.

Texas Hawks in Flight
Shape Recognition Training

Rob Fergus

This presentation was developed by Rob Fergus in response to his students in a recent class he taught at Hornsby Bend on identifying hawks as you see them in migration (way up in the sky, backlit, etc.). Subtle differences in silhouettes are addressed, as well as pattern/plumage and other characteristics of raptors in flight.

  • Interactive Powerpoint version (2,359 Kb - Requires Microsoft® Powerpoint) designed to be viewed as a slide show, this presentation is guaranteed to improve and test your identification skills.

  • PDF version (608 Kb - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader®) provides a printable version of the graphics and slides in the presentation.

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