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Welcome to HBBO Recent Sightings. Please share your sightings and comments either by typing in the field below, or by copying and pasting from another program. You may type sightings as a list (each bird on a separate line), and if you want to bold or italicize text, here's how. Please note that because of problems with spammers, links to websites are not allowed in postings.

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2017 Sightings:

Name: Bill Thomson
Date of sighting: Same as date posted
Date posted: Mon Sep 18 22:28:41 2017

Photographed at flickr.com /photos/28754595@N07/albums/72157663437226312/page2
Snowy Egret fishing in the Colorado;Several Armadillo
Not photographed: Blue Grey Gnatcatcher; Female red-shouldered hawk;Northern Shovelers. The duck activity is definitely on the upswing.

Name: Bill Thomson
Date of sighting: Same as date posted
Date posted: Mon Sep 11 21:50:24 2017

Photographed on Flickr /photos/28754595@N07/albums/72157663437226312
Yellow Warbler, Blue Gray Gnatcatcher, Black Vulture.
Not photographed: Swanson's hawk, least Sandpipers.

Name: Kathy Goodwin
Date of sighting: 08/09/2017Same as date posted
Date posted: Wed Aug 9 13:02:04 2017

1 painted bunting
5 black necked stilts
2 cardinals
2 scissor tails
2 green herons

Name: Carl R Becker
Date of sighting: Same as date posted
Date posted: Sun Jul 2 22:57:28 2017

Blue-winged Teal, Red-wing Black Bird, Kildeer, Green Heron, Cliff Swallows, Purple Martin, Brown-headed Cowbird, Black Vulture, Grackles.

Name: Bill Thomson
Date of sighting: Same as date posted
Date posted: Mon May 1 22:45:18 2017

Black Necked Stilt, Greater Yellowlegs, ~50 Wilson's Phalarope feeding together in pond 2 photographed at www.flickr.com/photos/28754595@N07/albums/72157663437226312

Not photographed: Baltimore Oriole, Painted Bunting and a few straggling Northern Shovelers.

Name: M. Hatchell
Date of sighting: 2/25/2017
Date posted: Sun Feb 26 15:16:19 2017

Pileated Woodpecker, upper river trail, east end.

Name: Bill Thomson
Date of sighting: Same as date posted
Date posted: Sun Jan 29 22:06:50 2017

Photographed at flickr.com photos/28754595@N07/albums/72157663437226312
Carolina Wren, Nashville Warbler, female Ruby Crowned Kinglet and Golden-fronted Woodpecker (or possibly Red-bellied Woodpecker - photo is somewhat inconclusive).
Not photographed: Pair of red-shouldered hawks, lots of yellow rumped warblers. As far as water birds go the ducks have mostly left but there are plenty of least sandpipers, killdeer and coots.

Name: Jessica Alcorn
Date of sighting: 1/18/2017
Date posted: Thu Jan 19 09:18:43 2017

Great-tailed grackle, Carolina wren, House wren, Northern cardinal, Wood duck, Gadwall, American coot, Blue jay, Carolina chickadee, Ruby-crowned kinglet, Golden-crowned kinglet, Northern mockingbird, Yellow-rumped warbler, Eared grebe, Great blue heron, Northern shoveler, Ruddy duck, Black vulture, Crested caracara, Killdeer, Mourning dove, Red-bellied woodpecker, Eastern phoebe, Loggerhead shrike, Blue-grey gnatcatcher, European starling, Orange-crowned warbler, Savannah sparrow, Lincoln sparrow, Meadowlark, Song sparrow.

Name: Al Smith
Date of sighting: Same as date posted
Date posted: Sat Jan 7 18:46:33 2017

Buffleheads , Scaup , Wilsons snipe , black bellied whistling ducks , belted kingfisher.

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