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Reconnecting Food Systems with Ecosystems:
A Workshop on Enhancing Biodiversity in Agriculture


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Thursday March 11, 2004
Workshop 9am-5pm
At The Center for Environmental Research

Come and learn about:

  • National efforts and resources for integrating food production, wildlife conservation, and ecosystem health
  • Texas-based examples of enhanced biodiversity and sustainable agriculture
  • Conservation management techniques for landowners, farmers, and ranchers

Keynote Speaker: Daniel Imhoff, author of Farming with the Wild and co-founder of the Wild Farm Alliance http://wildfarmalliance.org/

For registration contact: The Center for Environmental Research
512-972-1960 or Kevin.Anderson@ci.austin.tx.us

Co-sponsored by: Bat Conservation International, the Austin Water Utility Center for Environmental Research, the Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory.

Cost: $40 [includes copy of Farming with the Wild, Bats, Birds, Bugs information packet, and lunch] pre-registration required.

Presentations by:

Dr. Dick Richardson, UT Integrative Biology,
Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture: tools for repairing the land

Dr. Patricia Richardson, UT Integrative Biology,
Wildlife from the Ground Up: soil biodiversity and micro-wildlife

Kevin M. Anderson, Director, Austin Water Utility Center for Environmental Research, Agriculture and Wildlife Conservation at Hornsby Bend: the urban-rural interface

Rob Fergus, Director, The Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory,
Bird Conservation through Agriculture

Mark and Selena Kiser, Bat Conservation International,
Bats on the Farm: Integrated Pest Management

Workshop location:
The Center for Environmental Research
Hornsby Bend
2210 South FM 973
Austin, Texas

Optional Fieldtrips to Bamberger Ranch
Friday March 12, 2004

Mark Kiser [mkiser@batcon.org] of BCI is organizing the fieldtrip for Friday - information below - send him an email to confirm your participation -

The tour will start around 2 PM, and will last approx. 3 hours.

There is a limit of 40 participants on the tour, that's how many adults can fit on the "Bluebonnet" tour covered trailer. The cost is $10 per person. The ranch staff remind the participants to dress for the weather, as temperatures can feel much cooler while riding on the trailer. Maps to the ranch will be provided

Additionally - another great advocate of biodiversity and sustainable farming is coming to Austin next week to do talks at UT

Gary Paul Nabhan, Ethnobotanist, MacArthur Fellow, Author - and Director of the Center for Sustainable Environments at Northern Arizona University (http://www.environment.nau.edu/)

Gary and Dan Imhoff just did a workshop together in Tucson - now we get them both here -

Gary Paul Nabhan will give three lectures at UT: (Jean Andrews Centennial
March 8, 4pm WEL 2.246 Rise & Fall of Tequila: Agave domestication,
Taxonomy and Genetic Vulnerability

March 9, noon, BUR 116 Cross-Pollinations: Pollination Ecology and
Conservation in the Wildlands/Farmland Interface

March 10, noon, CAL 100 Rescuing America's Endangered Food Traditions

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