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Rob Fergus, Director of the Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory, will teach a workshop on the ecology and life history of the six owl species that regularly occur in Central Texas: Great Horned, Barred, Barn, Short-eared, Burrowing, and Eastern Screech. The workshop will also review methods of finding, attracting, and managing your property for these owl species.

Friday evening will focus on the ecology and life history of each owl species. Saturday morning, participants will learn how to attract owls to their rural or suburban property, learn how to build owl boxes, and learn about proper placement and installation of owl boxes and platforms. Optional owling excursions Friday night will search for the owls found at Hornsby Bend.

Dates: Friday, December 3 (7-9:00pm) and Saturday, December 4 (8am-1pm)

Location: The Center for Enviornmental Research at Hornsby Bend [see map]

Cost: $55, includes Friday evening and Saturday breakfast snacks, Saturday BBQ lunch, and owl life history/box design information packet

Attendance is limited to first 50 registrants.

To Register: contact fergus at mail.utexas.edu

Workshop participants and other residents of Central Texas are encouraged to monitor owl roosting and nesting behavior and report owls using artificial nesting structures on the online HBBO owl monitoring notebook.

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