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Hawkwatch Data  for 2008

October 22, 2008: 

I'm not sure about counting these Ibis. I keep seeing small groups, usually 12-16, fly from the west to the south-east. It may be the same birds, coming in to feed or rest at the ponds or along the river, then heading out to a roost, or they may be passing through. Most of these birds are flying low to begin with, but I have only seen 2-3 actually at the ponds, so I just don't know.

The raptors have all been very high, and moving fast. Locals are still putting on some good performances, though. I had dueling Ospreys for a while today, one to the east and one to the west. The western one had a fish, and the eastern one was "chirping" loudly. The Red-tails had a small convention overhead, with 3 circling and calling before going off in three directions, and one of the Red-shoulders was doing a display where it repeatedly made short, steep dives while screaming.

Other birds are getting very scarce, and not much is coming in. I picked out my first of season Green-winged Teal today, but the Black-necked Stilts are gone, I think. I saw no Stilts today. There are very few shorebirds of any kind right now, a few peeps and Yellow-legs, and 1 Wilson's phalarope were all I saw today. Most of the swallows are gone, also.

I'll be out again tomorrow, still looking for those kites and Broad-wings!

-Peg Wallace

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